An enchanting waterfall refreshes the cyclists biking on the Alpe Adria cycle track, who can admire it from the lookout over the bridge and reach it via an adjacent marked trail. If  you want to reach the waterfall by car, park your vehicle in the lay-by located along the state road, right before the Cadramazzo footbridge. Walk on the footbridge and continue on the trail until you find signs indicating the presence of fortifications from the Great War. Keep walking on the flat trail, then turn left to enter the river’s gorge. Enshrined in a smooth rock basin, the waterfall dives from an initial 40 metres drop to plunge, with a second jump, into a light-blue pool. The view is spectacular during any time of the year, but it transforms constantly in each season.

Carta d'identità

  • Altezza: 85 metri
  • Accessibilità: Facile
  • Tempo di percorrenza: 20 minuti
Comune delle Cascate

Chiusaforte è il luogo ideale in cui emozionarsi: tra cascate, sentieri, rifugi sulle montagne, offre a ognuno lo spazio per riscoprire sensazioni primordiali di fusione con la natura.


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