Take the road to Sella Nevea. Once you pass the first bridge over the Raccolana stream, leave your car in the open area on the left. Then, take the small paved road going downhill towards the Fella river. Take the trail at the end of the road and walk until you get to the water. Find the most safe crossing point and continue along the riverbed, walking in a mosaic made of multicoloured rocks. It will be like going on a geological journey through the valley, from the ancient Brecce di Ugovizza to the white limestones of Mount Canin, with the presence of Megalodon fossils. Continue until you see the waterfall flowing down over the main dolomite. Legends will accompany you on this journey, telling about the presence of the so called Aganis, female deities with backwards feet and the habit of devouring anyone who gets too close to their dwellings. Beware: depending on the course of the river, the conditions for accessing the waterfall may change.

Carta d'identità

  • Altezza: 50 m
  • Accessibilità: Avventurosa
  • Tempo di percorrenza: 30 minuti
Comune delle Cascate

Chiusaforte è il luogo ideale in cui emozionarsi: tra cascate, sentieri, rifugi sulle montagne, offre a ognuno lo spazio per riscoprire sensazioni primordiali di fusione con la natura.


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