Coming from the road to Sella Nevea and after the fork for Patocco, park your vehicle in the lay-by where you will find the road signs with the indications to the waterfall. Take the trail entering the woods behind you. You will find a scenic small stone bridge from which you will have a view on a first spectacular, though artificial, waterfall located into the gorge of Rio Raccolana. Here, water intertwines with hornbeams to capture your gaze. Take the left at the first fork; you will see the water droplets created by the waterfall over Rio Repepeit dancing right before your eyes. An original choice would be to visit the waterfall during winter, so as to admire the ice formations painting the rock light-blue.

Carta d'identità

  • Altezza: 40 m
  • Accessibilità: Facile
  • Tempo di percorrenza: 3 minuti
Comune delle Cascate

Chiusaforte è il luogo ideale in cui emozionarsi: tra cascate, sentieri, rifugi sulle montagne, offre a ognuno lo spazio per riscoprire sensazioni primordiali di fusione con la natura.


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