Driving on the state road, take the turn to Roveredo and you will see the picturesque Cascata delle Anime (Waterfall of Souls) appearing right before your eyes. Made up of many levels, it presents a first high fall of which you can admire the water plunging into the void in a splashing show. You will also  appreciate the easy accessibility to the second and smaller fall: you can reach it from a small track adjacent to the bridge, which allow visitors to cool off even during a car stop of a few minutes. The waterfall is also clearly visible also from the cycle track and loves to have its pictures taken from up close.

Carta d'identità

  • Altezza: 200 m
  • Accessibilità: Facile
  • Tempo di percorrenza: 1 minuto
Comune delle Cascate

Chiusaforte è il luogo ideale in cui emozionarsi: tra cascate, sentieri, rifugi sulle montagne, offre a ognuno lo spazio per riscoprire sensazioni primordiali di fusione con la natura.


Piazza Pieroni, 1 33010 - Chiusaforte (UD)
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