What kind of flora and fauna can you find walking among the waterfalls of Chiusaforte?

On the sunniest sides, it is possible to admire black pines, European hop-hornbeams and planetree maples, while beeches, larches and mugo pines can be found further up.

As to fauna, ibexes have recently been reintroduced in the environment and can often be seen by watering holes or streams, to which they flock to drink.

Other local animals include beech marten, hare, deer, roe deer and chamois. The presence of rare birds that have found their ideal habitat in these mountains also makes the territory an area of international significance.

At high-altitudes, near the rock walls, it is possible to see some birds of prey, such as the eagle and the peregrine falcon, whose flight at high-altitudes restores in the observers a priceless sensation of freedom.

In short, Chiusaforte and the Julian Prealps Park, with their flora and fauna, hold an incredibly diverse and rich natural heritage.

Comune delle Cascate

Chiusaforte è il luogo ideale in cui emozionarsi: tra cascate, sentieri, rifugi sulle montagne, offre a ognuno lo spazio per riscoprire sensazioni primordiali di fusione con la natura.


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